EL REY (2009, in production)

written and directed by Kevin Brewerton
starring Kevin Brewerton, Jolie Oliver, and Ben DiGregorio

elrey_still_3Currently in production is El Rey, in which Brewerton goes back to his roots as a fighter to portray a boxer who, while in the midst of a fight, finds spiritual enlightenment.

“El Rey chose me. It came to me in fragments until the whole concept was born. I’d always wanted to tell the story of a boxer, but I could never find the right context to place the character. Then, soon after the death of my teacher, Milton Katselas, I recalled a conversation, or rather a tough lesson he gave me. He had sat me down in his house and told me a story about the Matador, the bull, and the importance of being flexible in life. Soon after, I woke from a dream and I had the whole movie in my head.”


written and directed by Kevin Brewerton
starring Jolie Oliver and Sasha Snyder

metamorphosis_smBrewerton’s provocative silent film Metamorphosis (winner of the grand prize at the 2008 Richard Lawson Film Festival) explores the inner struggle of two people on opposite ends of the social spectrum whose paths cross.

“Metamorphosis began during one of numerous occasions when I’d find myself sitting alone in a coffee shop, journaling, or trying to recall some remote aspect of my childhood that I could use in a memoir that I had been laboring over for several years. As I sat drinking my usual cup of Earl Grey and observing people in the coffee shop, I noticed that everyone seemed to be alone and separated in their own worlds.

“Maybe it was just me who was feeling lonely at the time, but it made me think that if it wasn’t for a Coffee Bean or Starbucks, most people would rarely make contact with a stranger. We’d stay as distant as the stars, in our cars, office cubicles, and closed circles of transparent barriers that keep us from connecting. Metamorphosis is my view of this with the notion that we are really all connected.”